Club Rides Guide

  1. Have fun: Above all, it's meant to be fun! Our rides are about getting out on the bike and enjoying yourself in the company of others.
  2. Be Safe: You're responsible for your own safety but please think of others. If you see an obstacle ahead like a pothole, then warn the others with a shout or hand signal. Likewise, if you're on the back of the group and notice traffic building up, shout for the ride to fall into single file.
  3. Your bike and you: Make sure your bike is in good working order and come prepared with spares such as an inner tube, tyre levers and a multitool. Make sure you're feeling good before coming out and always remember to have contact details with you and a small amount of money and some emergency food for if you get hungry.
  4. Keep together: You'll get fit riding with the club regularly. If you want a harder ride, organise a separate one with club members - the rule is that we always wait for people to catch up if they get dropped.
  5. Be close on the road: Try to get used to riding close behind the person in front, it's the best place to keep out of the wind, but remember try not to overlap wheels with the rider in front. Also don't feel you have to ride on the front of the group, you'll find it much more difficult than sheltering behind someone until you build your fitness.
  6. Look out for each other: On the road shout out if you see something that may be dangerous - traffic, animals or poor road conditions. On the trail always keep an eye out for fellow riders especially through technical sections. If someone is dropped always check where they are and wait.
  7. Follow the Highway code: Follow the highway code at all times on the road. Don't ride more than two abreast, always look over your shoulder before moving position. Stop for traffic lights and be courteous towards other road users.
  8. Speak up: If you're finding the pace difficult please let the group know, so that they drop the speed, the same if you have some kind of mechanical problem.
  9. Join us: We especially welcome new members on the club runs and if, after one or two rides, you like the group please become a member, you can join here.

 Note: at present juniors (under 18's) can only join our rides and runs if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

These points are intended as a guide, it's all about being sensible and aware whilst riding. 


We strongly recommend that all riders wear a correctly fitted hard shell helmet conforming to a recognised safety standard on our club runs and rides. 

All riders are reminded that they are responsible for their own safety, individuals take part in any group activities at their own risk. We strongly urge all riders to obtain appropriate 3rd party insurance as a minimum.

It should be noted that no liability shall be attached to Sosban Riders (including its officials and members) for any injury, loss or damage suffered.

Please download and make yourself familiar with the Rides Risk Assessment (click on this ***  Risk Assessment *** Information) which provides useful guidance on group riding.

We strongly urge all Club Members to take advantage of CTC 3rd Party insurance or make similar insurance arrangements, for instance via British Cycling.